Imagine managing your global assets on a fully automated transaction platform.

A platform where you can research commercial real estate, measure capital performance, market deals, and acquire property securely.


A new way to transact and manage commercial real estate

Virgate is a virtual gateway for global commercial real estate transactions. A place where high-profile brokers, wealth managers, investors, and debt financiers come together to trade in one place.

Our all-in-one transaction management platform allows you to tailor your campaigns and manage your property portfolio efficiently and quickly. Virgate gives you access to a global audience while simplifying the end-to-end process.

Virgate gives professionals the information they need to make data-driven decisions confidently.

Asia's first dedicated marketplace for institutional grade, commercial real estate transactions. A smart deal room where buyers, sellers, and brokers all collaborate in real-time, accessing information across desktop and mobile devices.


Our technology speeds up an often time-consuming and labour intensive process, allowing you to close deals fast and efficiently. At Virgate, we know the market, the properties, and the people. It’s our job to get you the best information, connect you with key players, and conclude deals that fuel your success. 

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